Solar energy, like other types of renewable energy, is becoming increasingly competitive, one of the cleanest types and methods of obtaining energy.

Islam Abduganievich Karimov


The International Solar Energy Institute (abbreviated name “ISEI”) was established on the initiative of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, which was reflected in Decree No. PD-4512 of 01.03.2013. “On measures for the further development of alternative energy sources”.


Here are defined the main tasks and activities of ISEI:

– Implementation of high-tech developments in the field of industrial use of solar energy;

– preparation of proposals on the practical use of the potential of solar energy in various sectors of the economy and the social sphere on the basis of advanced and cost-effective technologies;

– Implementation of applied research related to the use of solar energy in various sectors of the economy, including technologies for the synthesis of special materials and heat treatment;

– “Coordination of work on developing documentation for major projects in the field of solar energy”

On the same day, as in the development of the Decree, the Resolution of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. PD-1929 of 01.03.2013 “On the Establishment of the International Solar Energy Institute”, in which:


  1. The supreme body of ISEI was defined as consisting of:
  2. President of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan – Chairman of the Council
  3. Chairman of SJSC “Uzbekenergo” – Deputy Chairman of the Council
  4. The Executive Director of the Fund for Reconstruction and Development
  5. Deputy Minister of Economy
  6. Deputy Minister of Finance
  7. Chairman of the Association “Uzeltehsanoat”
  8. Permanent Representative of the Asian Bank in the Republic of Uzbekistan (as agreed)
  9. The structure of the ISEI is defined in the composition of five scientific and technical departments, the main function of which is to carry out research and development, as well as a department of pilot production to bring the results of scientific developments to the level of their implementation.
  10. C. ISEI granted the following rights:
  11. to involve researchers of research institutes and centers, higher educational institutions of the republic, as well as foreign scientists and specialists in research;
  12. To conclude contracts for research and training of personnel with international organizations, including funds;
  13. To direct scientific staff of the Institute, other specialists and experts involved in research and development work in the field of solar energy, for internships and training in foreign research centers;
  14. To carry out the test and certification of solar technology installations in accordance with the rules of the National Certification System of the Republic of Uzbekistan;



Most countries of the world have already come to the conclusion that renewable energy, and primarily the use of solar energy, is one of the ways for a long-term energy strategy.


The main arguments in favor of using solar energy are:

– increase of energy security;

– the fastest and cheapest way to solve problems of energy supply (electricity, heat, fuel) remote from consumers’ electrical networks, improve the economic and social status of the population of such areas;

– does not require large one-time capital investments, since projects are implemented in a short time which may be attractive for private capital, unlike 5-10-year periods of construction of traditional energy facilities;

– reduction of energy losses, reduction of power and energy deficit in scarce power systems, i.e. elimination of obstacles in the development of production and creation of jobs;

– absence of potential danger of man-made disasters, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and environmental pollution;


Our republic stated that it intends to become a center of scientific research in the field of solar energy use in the Central Asian region and a platform for introducing their latest achievements in the economy of the country and the region.

The establishment of the International Solar Energy Institute (ISEI) is the basis, the core for the implementation of these plans.


Today ISEI is in its infancy:

  • the scientific potential of the Institute is being formed, training is in progress;
  • Laboratory for testing and certification of solar technologies are created on the Tashkent territory of ISEI, the issues of creation of pilot industrial production are being studied;
  • A 50-hectare site near the city of Tashkent for the creation and testing of various solar technologies incl. and foreign were selected for the ISEI test site. The design works for the construction of the landfill have been completed.


The staff of the Institute is determined to fulfill all the tasks assigned to it.

By registering the ISEI website we hope that we are able to supply more fully and qualitatively interested parties about our activities, to show that we are now able to provide services in the field of using solar energy.


Thank you for visiting our website.

Director of the Institute                                                            Matchanov N.A.